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1st November 2017
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Logo Design

Some things in life are worth the investment. A word to the wise- never buy cheap or skimp out on your logo. Your business is your passion it is an investment you have put a lot into. To brand your business with an unprofessional or poorly designed logo would be WRONG, it's like putting a bumper sticker on a Lamborghini!

The top reasons to invest in a professional logo design:

Your logo is your first impression that your customers will see. It is all over your whole business, the header of your website, on business cards, products and usually, on a t-shirt as well. This logo represents your business and your services. If your customer thinks your logo looks tacky or cheap, they might wonder if your products and services are as well.

Logos shape your brand. Your brand plays a massive part in appealing to your customer base. You want your logo to look professional and clean. Your target demographic should always be considered during the design process for choosing the style and colours etc.

Most people judge your business on the quality of the design. Having a professional, modern logo and consistent branding is a way to set yourself apart from the competition! You want your logo to be the first thing that comes to your customer's mind. Think about Apple and McDonald’s. A clean and memorable design is vital. This will become a valuable branding tool for your business. When your logo is strong and unforgettable, it promotes your business without you having to do anything. The logo itself can advertise!

An original, one-of-a-kind logo should cost a lot more than a few hundred dollars. The designer should spend 15-30 hours researching, experimenting and designing 10's-100's of different concepts. A cheap logo sometimes means a bad one. If your designer takes an idea from someone else’s work and matches it too closely, you run the risk of trademark and copyright infringement. This can result in an awful lawsuit.

A professional logo can last forever. It might cost you more upfront for all the details and have the work done by professionals, but it is easier in the long run on your company, so you don't go through re-branding every year or two.

A good logo sets the mood and gives customers an expectation for the feeling of your business and products. Do you want to make your customers feel secure? Do you want them to feel curious? Adventurous? A professional logo designer can consider this and add elements to encourage feelings or thoughts.

Poor marketing and sloppy design are some of the reasons that half of the businessses fail in the first five years. Pay attention to the details, and by having an aesthetic that is clean, it says that you're professional.

If you aren’t happy with your logo, it might be time to get a professional re-design. If you don’t already have a logo yet, now is a good time to start. We provide re-designs and original designs for companies that are starting out. Remember, it plays a huge part in attracting new customers and making their first impression of your business!