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13th February 2017
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13th February 2017
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Search Engine Optimisation

The concept of SEO’s has been around even before online marketing started gaining extensive popularity. Most of the consumers out there now are active on social media and they demand an online presence from the businesses that they deal with. Edge House Media understand the importance of this service and if you are in need of professional help and advice, we will provide this for you. So how great will be the impact on your business through the use of SEO? Here are a few ways it can help you:

It Is Cost-Effective

Generally, marketing and advertising budgets are set quite high as they cost a lot. Running adverts on TV or in print is not cheap at all and especially if you are a small business, SEO can prove to be a great tool for growing and expanding. It gives you immense online presence, as well as good ROI. With our help you can have a cost-effective SEO system running that gets you the exposure you want and lasts for a long time.

Increased Traffic

You might have set up a website but if people are not visiting it, it’s just going to waste and not providing any help to you. Digital marketing solutions ensure that you get the top ranking positions which will generate traffic towards your website. As SEO generators, we also focus on creating title tags and descriptions that are keyword relevant and informative and which show up in the result pages. The better your SEO marketing is the more traffic will be generated.

Brand Credibility

Whatever your brand is, if it is showing up on many result pages the chances are that people will pay attention. If you are listed first on Google, people will trust your brand rather than if it was further down the rankings. If you are in the top-tier you get the credibility, visibility and the chance that a click will turn into a sale. This, in turn, means higher brand awareness, sales and ROI for your business.

Long-term Effect

You might have to maintain the top ranking but once you have reached it, it will be hard for competitors to take it away from you. They don’t suddenly stop with payments and hence the effects are quite permanent. Take our help to come up with an SEO digital marketing solution that is effective and long-lasting.


Local Search Engine Optimisation

Local SEO’s become important for companies who have a physical location and are catering to the local market only. If your website doesn’t include the local signals that Google expects you to have, it will be hard for your business to establish the top ranking. You need to make sure you create a local business page, properly categorise your business and give accurate business citations and information. If you are unable to do so, your local SEO ranking will be likely to fail.

Edge House Media can help you get the local SEO ranking that your business needs to get an online presence and grow in the local marketplace.  The reasons to opt for local SEO’s are:

Competitive Advantage

If you are a business selling to a limited local market only, chances are you will be competing with a lot of other business whether small or large in the same local environment. They will all probably be using online marketing techniques as well and that’s why you need to ensure you make it to the top of the local rankings. As long as you hold the top position on search engine pages, you are likely to be seen as better than your competitors.

Target Market

Your purpose is to reach the local market only so you need to make sure that when people in your locality make relevant searches, your business pops up. This is why it is so important to optimise your website for locally relevant searches otherwise you will be unable to reach your target market and just generate irrelevant traffic. Many consumers will be searching on the go and if they see your business ranked the highest, they are likely to walk into your shop only. That is why we want to ensure that you reach your target market by having an effective local SEO system in place.

Business Growth

Once you have established yourself as a top competitor and brand in the local marketplace, it will be hard for other businesses to take that away from you. When you have created the brand awareness, credibility and visibility, your local consumers will become loyal to your brand and stick to it. This will help you generate revenue in the long run.

Local SEO is not an easy task and if you need assistance, Edge House Media can help you in generating local traffic by locally optimising your website.