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We provide server installation of hardware, maintenance management and post install services. Servers are a vital part of any business big or small because they act as a hub for all your files and increase work efficiency.

Servers allow for very efficient work as they hold all files in one main place. This means that if you have several staff members working on the same project, they don't have to send the files from computer to computer (peer to peer) they can both access them from the same place. If you have staff in different areas, that isn't a problem either, as they can easily access the main server remotely.

Our team will work with you closely with you to make sure you get the exact hardware that you need and want, and all the software is installed for your preferences. We will make sure you get the most out of your server as servers can be incredibly useful in the workplace. Having a server means that you don't have to worry about lost data as recovery is much easier and more efficient on a server as opposed to individual workstations.

How we can help you

We have state of the art servers with the top technologies and hardware possible. These are the premium of server technology at a competitive price. We have experience with installing servers, so we will make sure that the product is perfect just for you.

We strive to allow you to have the highest quality of product available we believe that collaboration is key to create simple but very effective business processes. Our team can help you to understand working with servers so that you are fully aware making your life easier.

Why You Need a Server

Within a business with no server, the transfer of files is much slower and less efficient than with a server. The simplicity of electronic collaboration within your organisation is largely restricted without server technology. For example, if you had to transfer image files from one computer you might use a software like Dropbox.

However, this is very inefficient and can slow your Internet speed to a crawl. With a server, the files are all located in one place so you wouldn't even have to ask someone for the file as you can just access it from your computer.
With a server installed, adding new staff and computers can be automated very easily. As new information is uploaded in databases, each workstation doesn't need its storage capacities increased. All the changes are made only to a central computer on which server database exists.

Having a server provides one central hub to store business information, meaning you can better manage critical information. It’s easier for staff to find, access, and share information and schedules with each other.
It is very likely that if just one component failed within your current computer your files would be lost for however long it took to repair/replace the failed component. This could cost your company precious hours in productivity while you wait for a backup to take place.

Proper server hardware would remove this issue. The server would alert the administrator but still run even if one component had a failure.

Work with us and let us help expand your business.

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