Web Design & Development

Adaptable Web Design & Development.

With nine years of experience, we truly understand the web design process, we know we must look beyond just the surface visual appearance of a website.

Very few agencies consider what happens behind the curtain of a website, as different web browsers interpret the code to display that site on the screen. The extra few seconds of loading time, the age of the code, browser differences and the content within site itself can completely change a user's experience and resulting behaviours on a website.

Our team will work closely with you to create the most eye candy and adaptable website possible, taking all of your project requirements and content into consideration when we build.

Design Strategy

Design dictates user focus.

The world wide web has forever changed the way we read and browse content. Nowadays, we know that what makes a successful website is to have a clear and scannable layout. This improves the usability by 47%. If a visitor can't scroll through your site and identify important information quickly, they are likely to leave and go to another website instead.

We strive to create sites that direct users to the most vital information, such as e-commerce, blogs, a factual history, or other valuable content for both users and yourself. Our team can also use heat maps and analytic tools to understand further which buttons and links are popular around your website so that we can continually improve the user experience with future updates on the site.

Key Development Fundamentals

Our team understands that 'Content Is KING'.

So we do our best to ensure that all of your files and the quality of development are open to optimisation.
Most agencies don't think about the seemingly magical website conversion that happens when they switch between their smartphone and computer. There are two different approaches to shifting screen sizes, and they are; mobile design or responsive design.

Mobile Design is restrictive. A separate content must be created, and often limited. And because mobile websites provide users with the bare basics of what the site has to offer, they won't get to see the full glory of the design or use it to its full potential.

The websites we develop here at Edge House Media will essentially be created with responsive functionality. This is because it can adapt to different mobile devices while using the same rich content from the computer version. This should be added as an automatic feature for your website in this day and age. Any other digital agency that charges you extra for it is surely taking advantage.
We can implement multimedia content in your website, including images and videos. We understand that these are powerful tools to convey your message and information, so we use it to our advantage. However, we also understand that as much as these features make the website look pretty and fancy, they can significantly damage the website's performance by dramatically slowing down the loading time and this can risk users in growing impatient and potentially abandon it.

To ensure that any multimedia content that is used on the site engages users rather than drive them away. We optimise these files to ensure that the web page loads quickly while still offering your rich imagery or video content.

We also avoid outdated multimedia formats such as Flash, which aren't supported by many current mobile device platforms. Instead, we favour current web standards such as HTML5 so that people can access your media from the widest range of devices.
You may have the most aesthetically appealing website in the world, but it becomes redundant if you do not have an audience to view and use that website. We at Edge House Media makes sure that the way your website is coded will help an audience to find your website when they type certain keywords into Google or any of the leading search engines.

The way that the website is ultimately coded even affects how your search engine listings look, from the title of the webpage in the search results to the small description of your site.

Search Engines can be an excellent source of fresh traffic to your website. There are a few additional steps that we can take to optimise your site for those search engines fully, but the reality is, it all starts with coding best practices to ensure that the foundation of your site is conducive to a good relationship with the search engines.

Work with us and let us help expand your business.

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