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13th March 2017
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28th April 2017
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Web App vs. Mobile App: which suits you best?


Web App vs. Mobile App: which suits you best?

Technology keeps evolving and eventually, your company would have to make a decision on building a web app or mobile app to remain in line with the changes happening in the digital world, to keep ahead of the competition or even for mere survival. For whichever reason you chose, you should consider on having your company’s application designed and created.

Once you decided on having an app built, one key factor needs consideration before commencing on its design and development.

What type of system is required?

The key reason for getting a business application developed is to speed up your companies process, either by automating the process or just to manage it better, as time is money for business.

At this point, the crucial decision to make is on which type of application your company requires. Will it be a concept that a company wants to bring out, so there is better client interaction or is it to automate in-house work process?

If cost and time were of concern, the best decision would be to go forth with a web app in which you could control the cost factors and the distribution. Web apps also have the distinct advantage of running on a majority of mobile devices, which has internet accessibility. Updating information on to a web app can be faster and easier.

A mobile app also known as a native app is one, which downloads as an individual application directly onto the mobile device, independent from the website. The advantage of mobile apps is that it can run independently and its ability to function without internet connectivity while being linked to the mobile’s data system such as the GPS.

Which application would best suit your requirements?

For the web or mobile, both types of app’s have their different advantages. So how to select which would be the best app for the requirements of your company?

Native apps also more popularly known as mobile apps are best for functions in which the sole purpose is for entertainment: gaming, social media, astrology, lifestyle, travel, photography, business, etc. Web site based apps help to convey information: stock market, weather reports, news updates, e-shopping, financial services, etc.

Look closely to identify the exact need you wish to fulfil by using an application. Would it be to create customer interest, increase brand loyalty, work as a sales tool or a promotional marketing technique to capture potential customers? If so then a smarter option would be to look into the designing of a web application.

However, if your requirements favour providing customers with an application that can be even used while offline and provides a more entertaining experience while being updated to information on the products or services the company offers, the best app design would be the mobile one.

There is also, however, a third option in which you could opt to go for both apps, thereby ensuring that both target groups of customers are aware of and motivated to download and use the application.

Of course at Edge House Media we understand both needs and requirements so if you need a little advice or guidance, feel free to contact us for a free consultation.