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Web Design

Web design is an ever changing medium where whatever you think of you can create. With the right, reflection and time designs can increase the appeal of a website it can completely change the view.
The time spent imagining and creating design can reap the biggest of rewards for having a website. There are large sites like Awwwards that help to highlight design and show elements that people can learn about and use for themselves.

There are usually different design trends that go throughout the history of the web. Original websites did not even support images in the 1990's, but then as time went on, systems got more powerful and more features have been added. Throughout time people have incorporated art into web pages so that some websites are not necessarily as informational as they are actual art pieces in themselves.

Design is a huge way to differentiate yourself from the crowd you can make a website with the same content look two very different ways with a different design.

Design is changing, and as of late there has been a greater focus on large (hero) images used in pages and larger text. This helps to add greater contrast between the main headings and the subheadings.
However, with all of these recent trends, there is a fine line between being too artistic and having a quality design. There is still an emphasis on getting necessary information across. You may find that the design looks incredible but it hard to understand what the message is.

More recently designers have been using bolder fonts that haven't been used up until now. Serif font and typewriter style fonts have been used more frequently.

The main point of having a high-quality design is to have users stay on your website. The better quality design, the flow of the site and the content can all make sure this happens.
People are more likely to stay on a website that looks appealing than one that does not.

There has been a greater focus on brighter colours in sites and designing. Instagram, in recent times, has changed their logo and icons to a newer more colourful look. This was one of many different companies changing their design to include brighter more unique designs.
There has also been a rise in the use of animation both in transitions between pages and also on the pages themselves. They help to visualise points and help to engage users into wanting to stay for longer.