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28th April 2017
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3rd May 2017
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What are Mobile Applications

What are they?

A mobile application, commonly known as an app, is a type of software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet. Mobile applications are made to provide users with similar services to those accessed on PCs. Apps are small, individual software with limited function. The use of this type of software has been made mainstream by Apple and the App Store, which sells millions of applications for the iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Why Wait?

Mobile apps provide a much faster alternative than mobile web browsing. Web browsing requires a user to launch a browser, enter a URL and wait for the website to load, whereas it only takes a few seconds to launch a mobile app. Some apps can start-up even faster because the majority of the information is stored in the application itself making it possible to function offline.

Constant Presence

Mobile apps reinforce your brand by increasing your visibility. This helps build loyalty because your customers can always see the app on their phone screen. Rather than searching through their bookmarked pages or looking at their history it is only a tap away.

Customer Engagement

Businesses are using apps to improve their processes and increase the level of accessibility their customers have to them. The point of a mobile app is to connect and interact with customers seamlessly.

It makes bookings easy

A lot of companies nowadays are using apps as a way to extend their business, for example, shops can use this as another way to have a marketplace. Companies like Starbucks and restaurants allow customers to order food or drink, which they can then later pick up, just like a click and collect system.
If you are a service business, such as a restaurant or a gym, you can use mobile apps to allow customers to make appointments or sign up for classes via their smart phone or tablet.