Search Engine Optimisation
13th February 2017
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What Edge House Media Offers

Edge House Media has been a digital agency for over 7 years. We are a leading solution provider that can cater to the search engine optimisation needs of our clients. We cater to the European and American market both. Our offices are specifically located in Chelmsford and New York. We cater to several types of businesses. Our services are not restricted to only large-scale operations; we provide services to small businesses as well. We offer several different types of services. Our services can be customised according to our client’s needs and preferences. We guide our clients through the process of creating content that can help them create a good brand name for themselves.

SEO optimisation is an important factor that can influence the future success of a company. We offer SEO services for several different platforms. A SEO optimised website, mobile application and other services can enable a business to create more awareness regarding their company and products. SEO services help a business achieve higher returns as more people know about the product. A higher search ranking can greatly benefit the company to achieve the targets that have set for the company’s growth. The business can create a unique strategy to get an edge over the competitors through SEO optimisation.  A higher search ranking signifies that the company is able to generate a good return on the investment that has been made on the website and application. Therefore, it is important that a reliable company like ours is hired to make the company’s digital solutions more popular in search engines.

Apart from SEO optimisation, we provide other services such as videography and animations as well. Our purpose is to enable businesses to create content that satisfies the customers. This can encourage the customers to regularly buy the company’s products. Many companies can be apprehensive about hiring our services due to high costs associated with digital content. To help more businesses, we offer our services at an affordable rate that can help the company move forward, increase their sales and generate higher profits.

The services that we offer are mentioned below:

  1. Search Engine optimisation
  2. Local Search Engine optimisation
  3. Webmaster services
  4. PPC marketing
  5. PPC remarketing
  6. Website Development
  7. Website design
  8. Application development and game development for mobiles applications
  9. Email Marketing
  10. Content marketing
  11. Mobile Marketing
  12. Social Media Marketing
  13. Videography
  14. Animation
  15. Stationary design and printing and signage printing